Totelia: Typical Sicilian specialties

Totelia is an e-commerce dedicated to distribution and promotion of Made in Italy all over the world ... On Totelia you can find italian and sicilian specialties, typical products of Italian culinary tradition.

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Prodotti tipici siciliani

Chocolate Bars

The best of Modica chocolate in convenient bars. Bronte Pistachio chocolate for an unmistakable flavour.

Vini e liquori Siciliani

Drinks, Wines and Spirits

Sicilian Wines selection, Spirits, Soft Drinks, Biological Fruit Juices. A selection of traditional small productions of high quality.

Miele Siciliano Oro d'Etna

Sicilian Honey

Small artisanal production selection, such as Miele Oro d'Etna, a genuine product from an apiculture on the Eastern side of the Volcano.

Prodotti tipici siciliani

Gravies and Sauces

A traditional selection of Sicilian and Italian flavours. The best of typical, handmade and biological gastronomy.

Vini e liquori Siciliani

Sicilian Pesto

Originality and taste will surprise you, those Sicilian different Pesto will be the perfect inspiration to prepare tasty dishes.

Miele Siciliano Oro d'Etna

Side Dishes and Preserveses

A traditional selection of the best Sicilian side dishes and preserves for every meal.


Ducato d'Amalfi pasta factory produces the famous Gragnano pasta IGP Protected Geographical Indication. On Totelia you will find the most appreciated types of pasta that can be combined with every sauce and pesto that you prefer. A precisely bronze-drawn pasta in order to mantain its roughness suited to hold sauces and dressings.

Bucatini, Spaghetti alla Chitarra, Scialatielli, Tagliatelle, Penne Rigate, Paccheri Lisci, Spaghettoni, Calamarata Liscia.

Gragnano Pasta is made by blending durum wheat flour with water coming from Gragnano springs.

Ducato d'Amalfi Pasta Factory produces Gragnano Pasta with durum wheat flour and water coming from Monti Lattari springs.

Local people also call it "white gold", because it represents the most produced and exported food all over the world in ages.



Vallolmo Pasta Factory is located in a small agricultural centre on the slopes of Madonie, where the well known durum wheat, with its organoleptic characteristics, is produced. Vallolmo pasta product lines are:

Durum Wheat Pasta
Durum Wheat Pasta BIO
Whole-Wheat Pasta BIO
Khorasan Pasta

Vallolmo is made with 100% Sicilian wheat and water that comes from Parco delle Madonie and flows at almost 4000 feet. A bronze-drawn pasta, rough and tasty. Laid out for drying at low temperature, in order to mantain its nutritional properties intact. Purchasing 100% Sicilian pasta is a quality guarantee for local people but also for those who want to buy reliable source products.

Made in Italy Excellence

Worldwide, especially in Italy, Made in Italy became a certified quality symbol and guarantees that every product that you buy is made or created inside the Italian Country. Not every product sold in online or physical shops can guarantee to sell you 100% italian products, so you risk to buy culinary or artisanal goods, that are not authentically Italian. There are just a few of retailers of Italian food and stuff that can guarantee the authenticity of their products, like Totelia. If you are there for the very first time, don't worry: here you will find a short overview of our website, in order to explain you in detail what we do and what we offer.

What is Totelia?

Totelia is an e-commerce website which is dedicated to the trade of strictly Made in Italy products. Our website products are not just sold inside the Italian Country, but also worldwide to let everyone enjoy the Italian wonderful creations & foods.

This webiste was founded by Salvatore La Lumia and Giorgia Turco, in order to provide visibility to the small businesses that produces both artisanal and agricultural products (bread, pasta, typical products etc...) worldwide. For more informations you can check our About Us section.

 Totelia has always been commited to satisfy customers who wants to enjoy true italian products. Its purpose is to evolve and improve over time. That's why we truly care about website customers feedback, especially the ones who can help our website making progress to allow people to buy on a high quality, reliable and safe website

What does the website offers and sells?

Made in Italy is our website main theme. Totelia was created with the aim of sell italian guaranteed products and support small businesses and the ones that sells artisan products. Totelia offers a variety of products ranging from spices, oil and seasonings to sweets, legumes, honey and marmalades, creams, condiments, jams and side dishes all made in the great Italian Country. Furthermore our website offers a wide variety of Sicilian Pasta in different shapes, in order to make you taste the real Sicilian flavour. Also our drinks are very particular: sparkling wines, wines, fruit juices, tea and infusions, beers, spirits and non-alcoholic drinks like orange juices, lemonades, chinotto, citron drinks and much more. By the way, Totelia is not just food and gastronomy: we also sell local handcrafted and apparel. That's why on our website you can buy ceramics, coat racks, soaps, perfumes, statuettes and many other glass or ceramic handmades decorations. Last but not least we got a recipe section where you will be able to create tasty dishes with the products that you purchased.

Why Should You Choose Totelia?

Now that you know everything about our website the question is: why should you choose us? The answer is simply because Totelia is a quality mark. In addition to offering guarantees on its products, Totelia uses safe shipping services with a tracking system. You don't need to sign up with an e-mail: you just need an Amazon or Facebook account to buy safely. Our catalogue offers every month new genuine, high quality, and Made in Italy  products! Totelia cares about tradition and quality, that's why we work hard to sell Italian artisanal and food products, with no restrictions, at low prices and, above all, made with heart. Totelia implements safe payment systems, in order to let you buy on our website without any problems. Furthermore, for any trouble or if you just need info, you can contact us clicking here or you can call to the number:  +39 349 2698140

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