Caltagirone Ceramics

Ceramic is an admired material since the dawn of time, just think about the real pieces of art commissioned and created by ancient Greek and Roman.With this premise is clear that made in Italy has always achieved resounding success thanks to his quality material and artisans that work on it.

Especially Caltagirone ceramic represents a world excellence mark. That excellence is due to the workers that through centuries have worked and handed down this thousand-year old tradition. Caltagirone's ceramic fame was so much renowned since ancient times that the arabians invaders of Sicily renamed the small town Qalat al Giran, which means castle of jars. Arabs with their good taste, enriched further their ceramic park importing beautiful majolica. After the greek, roman, and arabic influence, the history of Caltagirone ceramic is completed with the Aragonese island occupation, that enriched the sumptuos ceramic motif with floreal patterns and metallic reflections, which will gradually inspire Renaissance ceramics.

Visiting Caltagirone city today would clearly show how ceramics are integral part of economy and architecture of this country. Wandering about the streets of the city you'll be able to notice all the ceramic inserts present in every decoration, from street lamps to fountains, for instance.

Today ceramic production is divided in two groups: small craftmanship and large manufacturing industry. Both assembly or single production are born from artisan artists hands, who shape complex clay forms in order to cook and glaze every single piece, to make it a unique piece in his own genre. Those incredible artists have received the right recognition when Caltagirone was included in UNESCO World Heritage List in 2003. Today, thanks to the e-commerce market, it boasts a worldwide fame which makes it the town leader in ceramic production.

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