Sicilian sauces

Sicilian sauces

Sun, sea, force of the nature: that's the secret of the inimitable taste of Sicilian sauces. The beauty of the island has always attracted people from all over the world, thanks to the great combination of traditions, and its cooking is one of the rischest. Enjoying this culinary art means tasting the story and culture of a rich land, with a breathtaking landscape that acts like a background ot its beautiful traditions.

Talking about sauces, surely the first thing that pops in your mind is the classic ragu, but there's more than that. The enormous variety of Sicilian sauces has unleashed the imagination of those who tasted them, to the point that it nearly became literature. With a story made of authentic and strong tastes, the sauces of the land of the sun are capable of enchant even the most difficult tastes.

In the most loved sauces there's always cherry tomato, which gives a sweet flavour to every dish. It is known as a variety of pachino tomato, the most famous tomato in Italy thanks to its rich story and taste.

Combined with different typical products of this land, such as oregano and chili pepper in Mediterranea sauce, tomato acquires different flavours every time. Due to the different cultures in the island, cities have interpreted the recipes in different ways. Palermitana sauce, for instance, mix cherry tomato with currant and lemon, which are other specialities of the island.

One of the most important characteristics of Sicilian cooking is that they learned to create a great quantity of unique recipes of their kind with few, poor ingredients that are no less than more important and expensive dishes. How to forget the famous Marinara sauce? With outstanding wisdom the Sicilian people had recreated the taste of fish with carrots, oregano and basil, simple ingredients able to give life to the poorest dishes and that now have become loved. If you are vegetarian tha sauce is perfect for you too, because you can add the flavour of the sea respecting your choices.

The sea is another fundamental part of this island. Mediterranean Sea has always been a center for trades and teachings since ancient times and it has to be mentioned when talking about Sicily. With so many roots in our culture, "Mediterranean" has also become a flavor, that tastes like tuna and olive sauce. The very delicate tuna combined with Nocellara del Belice olives, one of the finest olives of Sicily, give an unmistakable taste to this sauce.

Sardines and fennel sauce is another classic sauce of the land of the sun and it has a unique and unforgettable flavour, that reminds you of the island is produced in. Of the various existing versions, the one with tomato sauce brings our attention back to the warm colours of this land, combining this fertile soil with fishing. You can feel the sun on the skin of those who have worked to bring those healthy flavours on your table, just taking a bite.

It's essential to check the origins of the sauce you choose. Sicilian sauces that comes from the biological agriculture are different thanks to the Trinacria island authentic taste given by their respect for humanity and nature.

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