Sicily's Wines Catalogue

Torreforte wine has a bright red colour, kept inside a bottle that describes the history of its own origins. Defined as a meditative wine, it can be tasted alone without the need to be combined with specific dishes. Generally during meals is a good match for roast or fat meat, cheese, bushmeat and pork hock.

Cadetto wine is distinguished by its fruity aroma given by red berries, black cherry and cherries, that leaves a pleasant aftertaste in your mouth. Its bright red colour alternates with violet notes. It is largely appreciated not only by Sicilians, but also by other wine lovers that decide to have a taste of it, thanks to its typical vineyard flavours and odors. It is a good match for meat, oysters, lard or onion.

Nikao wine has a sweet and unique flavour, given by a natural drying process of the best Nero D'avola grapes. Its taste is a mix of figs, marasca cherries and red fruits with different spices. Its essence is incredibly balanced, and it results in one of the most rare wines that matches perfectly some Sicilian typical products, like almond paste, Sicilian cassata or classic dark chocolate sweets.

Gloria Bianco wine unlike the previous wines, has an intese floreal aroma, given by orange flowers and wisteria. Its colour is a bright yellow, visually very elegant and delicate as well as fresh to taste. Generally we tend to match white wines with fish or shellfish dishes, but it can be an excellent combination for some white meat dishes too.

Signorio Red wine has a well defined identity. It has a very strong flavour given not only by its strong nutmeg, liquorice and cannelle taste, but also by its bright red ruby colour that makes it an intense and full-bodied wine. It is served mostly on a 20°C degrees temperature, with fat meat or roast dishes as well as spicy cheese or some types of risotto.

Don Totò Red wine holds a very particular history. In fact, it is dedicated to the company founder known as Don Totò. This wine was created to celebrate his persona and his job, that he had always performed with passion and it reflects Don Totò traits: elegance, strenght, magnificence and determination. It is aged in Barrique (a small oak barrel) that mantains its Nero d'Avola notes intact. It combines well with fat meat and cheese.

Limpiados wine takes its name from the Licata's Port castle in Sicily, and it has a strong link with its original area. Its flavour is given by red fruits, liquirice and cannelle as well as different spices. It matches preferably with meat dishes like lard, pork hock or salami.

Marsala Fine Ambra is a dry and fortified wine, mostly used in combination with sweets and dessert, instead of being tasted during meals. Sometimes some sediments can be found on the bottom of the bottle, but normally that happens for every aged wine. Those sediments never change in any way its flavour, instead they guarantee its authenticity.

Zibibbo is a white and fortified wine with a very delicate taste, for that reason is preferably to be consumed at the end of any meal, matching it with bakery products like ice creams and semifreddo. In this case too some sediments can be found on the bottom of the bottle, but they don't compromise its flavour, instead they guarantee its authenticity.

Almond Cream is a flavored wine with a colour that tends to amber and with a medium alcoholic content. It is preferable to taste it at the and of any meal, whether with fish or meat and it matches pefectly ice cream or any other type of almond based sweets.

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