Marsala Fine Ambra Secco
Marsala Fine Ambra Secco
Marsala Fine Ambra Secco
Marsala Fine Ambra Secco

Marsala Fine Ambra Secco Cantina Alagna


Marsala Fine Ambra Secco is produced by the Alagna company, it is a DOP fortified wine with an intense amber color. The product is particularly appreciated by all those who love to taste this type of wine, which turns out to be tasty as regards its delicious taste. The intense amber color contains the secrets of a more unique than rare liqueur: Marsala Fine Ambra Secco DOP made by the Baglio Baiata Alagna company.

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Marsala Fine Ambra Secco liqueur is a product much appreciated by those who love to taste it with pleasure. The quality of the wine is given by the presence of special ingredients and to make its flavor unique are the grillo grapes that are carefully selected by the company. Marsala Fine Ambra Secco wine is loved by its consumers for its exquisite and particular flavor. The wine is produced in Sicily, one of the most beautiful regions in the world, capable of giving many surprises in any area.
This liqueur has always contained the passion of those who know how to make an intense but at the same time delicate fortified wine, for this reason it is ideal to finish a meal, or to carve out a moment of pure relaxation on the sofa at home. Marsala Fine Ambra Secco is also perfect for creating the classic marsala donuts, loved and known throughout Italy.


Among the main ingredients of the Marsala Ambra Secco wine are inzolia, catarratto and grillo grapes. Furthermore, to make the product precious and refined is the aging of the wine for more than a year, the latter is kept in oak barrels to give it an original flavor that cannot be found in any other bottle on the market.

The product must be kept in places with temperatures equal to 16-18 ° C, it is generally used and served when the dessert is consumed. Through it you have the opportunity to taste aexcellent fortified winetogether with the consumption of dry baked desserts and more, it can also be savored with gastronomy or haute cuisine foods. It should be borne in mind that being an aged wine there may be deposits at the bottom of the bottle. The latter do not involve any changes to the compound as regards the flavor, on the contrary their appearance certifies the validity and quality of the product.

Marsala wine or liqueur?

TheMarsala is a fortified wineamong the most complex in the world, theMarsala Wineit had an absolute fame during the nineteenth century, while in the 60s and 70s of the last century it was relegated to an ingredient for sauces or proposed in the most famous variant of "Marsala with egg". Marsala is a Sicilian wine full of genius. Marsala is a fortified and fortified wine, in the production the wine is made with brandy or alcohol, concentrated must, cooked must or mistella (must added with ethyl alcohol or wine brandy ).

The recipe for Marsala all'Uovo

We can prepare an excellent one ourselvesMarsala with egg, what we need is a fine Marsala, 6 eggs, 500 g. cane sugar, the juice of 8 Sicilian lemons.
The first step is to wash the egg shells well and then put them to macerate for 5 days in lemon juice. At the end of the 5 days, beat the mixture until a homogeneous cream is created to which add the fine Marsala, mix everything well and add the sugar and finally bottle. Here you have created your Marsala all'Uovo. The preparation is very similar to Vov (egg cream liqueur), the main difference lies in the absence of Cognac and the non-maceration of the eggs in the lemon.

In fact, Vov is prepared in a similar way toMarsala with Egg, we will put the eggs directly in a bowl by adding the sugar and some vanilla pods, beating the mixture until it creates a thick and velvety cream. Now let's add the fine marsala and cognac to the egg cream, continuing to beat the mixture with the whisk and at the end add the milk. We just have to put the mixture in a bain-marie while continuing to mix and thicken the cream, attention the water in the bain-marie must not only be hot, do not boil otherwise you risk cooking the eggs.

Whether you have prepared egg Marsala or Vov, storage must be done in a cool and dry place, such as the refrigerator. Once open it is recommended to consume it within 3-4 weeks maximum.

Marsala is perfect for original cocktails

Marsala is perfect for endless preparations not only for the renowned Marsala all'Uovo or Vov, for example the cocktail dedicated to the master of music Luciano Pavarotti, is based on Marsala. ThePavarotti cocktailis prepared quickly and easily:

  • 1/3 Cream of milk
  • 1/3 Marsala fine
  • 1/3 National Brandy (ex. Vecchia Romagna)

Shake and serve in a cocktail glass; sprinkle everything with nutmeg.

Marsala for desserts and not just in the kitchen

Marsala Vino is an excellent liqueur for cooking a thousand recipes, the most famous are:

Marsala in the kitchen lends itself to many recipes, with Marsala liqueur drink you can awaken your imagination in the kitchen.

Product Details

vino da dessert, ideale per dolci secchi da forno o da usare come vino per l'alta cucina e la gastronomia
grillo, inzolia e catarratto

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