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Perfect for various uses, wildflower honey is the most popular honey in the homes and tables of Italian families. In particular, the Oro d'Etna millefiori honey, thanks to its neutral taste, tending to sweetish, is widely used in various culinary preparations.

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Millefiori Honey

Its strong flavor makes it a perfect honey also to be used as a simple accompaniment to desserts, fruit and semi-aged cheeses.
This honey, made of pollen from different flowers, contains many minerals and antioxidants, which are useful for the overall health of the organism.
The Oro d'Etna millefiori honey is produced entirely in Sicily and has been expertly prepared by small local producers, always attentive to the quality of the products used in their preparations.
It has a sweet, aromatic and fruity taste that goes perfectly with any type of flavor, be it sweet or salty. Also perfect for sweetening drinks, herbal teas and milk. To give that touch of sweetness that never hurts.
As we know, honey can come in different forms depending on the process and the crystallization mode of the honey itself. The Gold of Etna millefiori honey, also suitable for those who follow a vegetarian diet, is semi-large crystal. It is therefore a honey with a very compact, creamy consistency and consequently pleasant for the palate. This honey in particular is able to satisfy the needs of the most refined palates looking for top quality products. Quality products made in Italy according to tradition.
The Gold of Etna millefiori honey, characterized by the typical yellow ocher color, differs in taste, quality and attention in the preparation processes. A high quality honey handcrafted by expert hands.

Product Details

Beverages, sweets and semi-mature cheeses
Light and delicate or dark and aromatic. Generic, useful in all cases, widely used in the kitchen.
Sweet, aromatic and fruity
Semi-thick crystal

About Oro D'Etna

The company was founded on 01/08/1988, subsequently placed as the first and only professional activity in 1993. The company developed in a few years by increasing the breeding volume from 80 initial hives to 750 hives, after only 7 years, establishing itself as a company highest quality individual at the regional level. In 1999 the company created its own image ORO d 'Etna. In a few years the company increases the range of products, elevating it even more and making it more successful on a national level.

In 2001 the fruit honey creams were born, which combined with a high quality level bring the company to Europe (Germany, France and England). Today the company has about thirty products in at least 4 formats, but the flagship products remain the fabulous honey creams with various flavors of: pistachio, hazelnut, strawberry, melon, banana, berries, and there are currently in I study three other flavors to be discovered.

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