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The Vallolmo pasta factory represents excellence in the production sector of pasta made from durum wheat produced in a natural way with the sole help of zero-kilometer raw materials. Conceived and created in the ancient pasta factory located in Valledolmo, Sicily in a small village of the Madonie, Vallolmo pasta is very famous for its numerous nutritional properties and for the methodology applied in the processing of wheat semolina or using slow times and stable temperatures that do not alter the properties of natural wheat.

Processing steps

The secret of the Vallolmo pasta factory lies in the cultivation techniques, as well as the processing techniques, to obtain the finished product. In practice, we start from the ground and from the sowing phase, carried out only after the arrival of the rain. The most important phase is that of preparing the soil which allows to obtain a final product with the right percentages of gluten and proteins, typical of Vallolmo pasta. In a second step we proceed with the semolina, product of the grinding of durum wheat, necessary to obtain the pasta. The Vallolmo pasta factory respects predetermined temperatures, so as not to alter the organoleptic properties, or those physical and chemical characteristics that make a product unique.
The next phase, that is the one in which the semolina becomes dough, proceeds with the help of a specific water: the one that comes from the source of the Madonie Natural Park. The fundamental characteristic of this water is that it is located in a place far from urban centers where pollution is reduced to zero. Once the dough is made, only the processing phase remains, the latter makes use of specific bronze dies that make the pasta as it was once made, in ancient times, or rough in texture and with a particularly clear color. After making the different types of pasta, we proceed by making it strictly dry using the light and solar heat. In this way it will take longer to complete the process, but the properties and taste of the pasta will not be altered.

The flours used by the pasta factory

Vallolmo pasta is unique in that it is strictly produced in Sicily, following the steps described above respectful of organic culture and using raw materials exclusively from the Sicilian territory. For the choice of flours, the pasta factory adopts a selection that goes from the classic to the organic and wholemeal one. Flours with 40% more protein, essential amino acids and vitamin E are often used in the production: Timilia flour, a type of Sicilian durum wheat that contains little water and is highly digestible; Khorosan flour, a flour often used in ancient culture with a decidedly high antioxidant power. Finally, Vallolmo pasta also winks at those with food intolerances by using flours suitable for different pathologies.

The formats made by the Pastificio Vallolmo

Pasta Vallolmo is made in different formats. Both the tastes and the needs of anyone wishing to make this choice are respected. The conventional line respects all the standards of craftsmanship. The integral and organic line, chosen by those who love 100% natural products. The line with ancient grains, on the other hand, comes from the use of particular types of wheat such as Timilia, stone ground and worked with a few turns so as not to alter the product much, and Khorasan , a very light and highly digestible Etruscan grain.

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