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Sicily is the land of a thousand of flavors, where the fragrance of food and the millenial history of peoples who have passed and have left their mark are perfectly combined, but above all it is the land where perfectly cultivated red wines are born since the time of the settlement of the Greeks, making this land earn the title of "Island of wine". has selected the best Sicilian wines and offers the best of Docg Sicilian Red Wines production and not. Sicilian white wines are no less.  

vino rosso siciliano

Sicilian Vines

Thanks to its varied characteristics and morphology of its territory, Sicily produces a large quantity of grapes with different characteristics. In fact, it goes from the coastal areas of Agrigento, Messina and Syracuse to the hilly ones of Trapani and Marsala up to the higher and volcanic ones of Etna, if you add to this the tipically warm temperate Mediterranean climate mitigated by a light sea breeze during summer and by a wide variation between day and night climate, there you have it. The island's climate makes Sicilian wines unique. Trapani and Palermo wines are famous, and Totelia has selected the best of typical Siclian wines for its online catalogue.

Sicilian Red Wines names:

The main grape varieties that produce red wines are: Nero d'Avola (a worldwide famous Sicilian Red Wine), Nerello Cappuccio, Nocera, Perricone, Frappato and Cerasuolo di Vittoria. Sicilian red wines are classified according to their growing area: red wines from the western side and red wines from the eastern side.

West side Sicilian Red Wines

Those coming from the western side of the area include the Tyrrhenian side to the north and the Mediterranean sea to the south, the Sicilian red wines in this area are characterized by their strong and full-bodied taste. The famous Nero d'Avola, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Perricone belong to this group. Nero d'Avola (well-known Sicilian red wine) has a rich and full-bodied taste and its acidity guarantees a good aging of the wine, while Syrah has a red color and a characteristic and fruity, well-structured, harmonious and pleasant aroma. Obviously these are the most famous and the recently introduced grape varieties such as Merlot aslo belong to this category.

East side Sicilian Red Wines

Questa zona della Sicilia comprende la zona dello stretto di Messina il versante tirrenico e parte dello Ionio fino ad arrivare ai terreni siracusani, il versante nord che comprende Messina e l'etna ha sedimenti rocciosi, e non calcarei che danno al vino rosso siciliano il giusto carattere forte e deciso, mentre la parte più a sud con le sue colline ed i sedimenti rocciosi calcarei che favoriscono una produzione enologica di qualità.

Fanno parte di questa categoria il rosso Etna siciliano doc, il Frappato ed il Nero D'Avola.

This area of Sicily includes the area of the Strait of Messina, the Tyrrhenian side and part of the Ionian up to the Syracusan lands, the north side which includes Messina and Etna has not calcareous rocky sediments, that give the Siclian red wine his strong nature, while the southernmost part with its hills and calcareous rocky sediments that guarantee a quality wine production.

This category includes Sicilian doc red wine Etna, Frappato and Nero d'Avola.

Fine sicilian wine

Thanks to all these characteristics, Sicily represents a fixed spot for all wine lovers and those who study Sicilian vines and are looking for new oenological gems. The island in fact has many native vines that are objects of in-depth studies, thanks to their unique characteristics. So, we could say that Sicilian red wines belongs to Sicilian history and culture, in many wineries you can still breathe the scent of the history and tradition of the past, artisanal realities where time seems to have stopped. Not least are Sicilian white wines, including Sicilian fortified wines derived from the Zibibbo grape. On Totelia you can buy Sicilian wines and taste the best of Sicilian red wines.

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