Also known as "God's nectar", Honey has always been an essential food for human beings. But how does this extraordinary food is born?

Western honey bees, with their patience and dedication, gather nectar from flowers and honeydew to create the first sweetener known in the entire world in their hive. Since ancient times, indeed, honey was appreciated by Sumerians, Egyptians, Greeks and Romans. Romans were the ones to coin the phrase "honeymoon" linked to a honey based drink used during wedding lunches.

Honey is an energetic and easy to digest food that is a mixture of simple sugars.

Good for athletes who can eat it before or after their training, for kids, for sick and old people. Thanks to its mineral salts, vitamins and enzymes it gives energy and stimulates our immunitary system.

Honey is a real "panacea" for our organism. Its antibacterial and antibiotic properties, both for external and internal use, are worldwide famous.

Honey is an excellent anti-inflammatory for our throat, it calms down cough and decongests our respiratory system. Honey helps to accelerate our metabolism, burns fat and keeps in control our insulin levels.

Moreover, polyphenols inside it helps to fight ageing while other of its components stimulates our blood flow. Finally, thanks to its antibiotic power, honey is a powerful ally against small injuries and burns.

Honey is a versatile food and with just one teaspoon it can replace two sugar teaspoons. It can be used to sweeten coffee and yogurt. You can eat it during breakfast on whole wheat bread slices or melt it in both milk and hot tea. Honey can be also used to prepare cakes and cookies, alternatively to industrial sweeteners.

Honey is not famous only in our kitchens but also in cosmetics. It can be added to water to create a relaxing bath or footbath to soften our skin. A blend of honey and yogurt is a perfect mask for our dry and dehydrated skin. If you have acne you can obtain a valid help with a mixture of honey and thyme. Sometimes honey can solidify: this process is called crystallization. This is a natural process caused by a high percentage of glucose within honey. That's the reason why honey should be preserved in between 50°F and 68°F temperature. If it crystallize, you can just bain-marie your honey approximately to 104°F.

There are different honey varieties, each with its very own characteristics.

Chestnut honey has a dark amber and red color. It has an intense and slightly bitter taste with a strong and piercing fragrance. This honey is recommended for sore throat and cough, thanks to its phenolic acid and great antibacterial power.

Eucaliptus honey has a amber color, a thick texture and an intence fragrance. Is a powerful ally against repiratory system sickness especially during winter thanks to its antiseptic properties. You can take it with a hot drink in every moment of the day.

Yarrows honey has a sugary taste and a dark color. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties is recommended for stomach ache, improves digestion, gives relief during painful menstruation and menopause issues.

Orange tree honey has a light color and a fruity tasteIt is ideal to prepare sweets but it is also well known for its healing properties.

Sulla's honey is characterized by its light color and delicate fragrance. Just like orange tree honey, this one also is used to prepare sweets. Full of A, B and C vitamins it is often used to regolate our intestine.

Honeydew has a dark color and it's full of antioxidants, mineral salts and trace elements. It has less sugars than other honeys, that's why it is more bitter and tends to be salty. It is a real energy source for athletes and it can improve focus.

Another well known honey is the wildflower one. Color, consistence and taste of this particular honey changes based on which flowers is made of. It is recommended for anyone who needs a natural and healthy energy source, and to threat cough, flu and pulmonary diseases.

Lemon honey has a light color, is full of calcium, magnesium and Vitamin C. For that reason is recommended during winter season to help our immunitary system.

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