Miele di Sulla 125g

Sulla Honey 125g


Sulla honey is renowned for being one of the most delicate types of honey produced in Sicily and takes its name from the wild plant common in fallow or wild plots, the Hedysarium coronarium typical of southern Italy, from which honey bees take pollen.

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Sulla honey

This type of honey is recognizable thanks to its very light golden color and after months of crystallization this type of honey becomes white, very fine and with a creamy consistency . The particular flavor is very delicate and a very pleasant vegetal note is perceived but the smell is so delicate as to be almost imperceptible to many.
Its properties are many: thanks to the high concentration of vitamins A, B and C it is an excellent sweetener while containing a low sugar content . Moreover, thanks to the large amount of mineral salts, zinc, iron, copper, magnesium and manganese it is a natural energizer for those who practice sports. Finally, its properties are well known to regulate intestinal activity, resulting in a diuretic and laxative.
The best way to enjoy this delicious food is simplicity: either enjoy it alone with a teaspoon which is also useful for preventing and fighting sore throats and coughs or even in a glass of milk or hot tea. But this delicious honey can give an extra touch to many desserts whose flavor obviously does not have to be so strong as to dominate that of this precious product.
Finally, it is loved as a garnish for soft cheeses such as delicate ricotta on which to pour a few teaspoons of Sulla honey and give a touch of crunchiness with chopped walnuts or, respecting the flavors of Sicily, a grain of pistachios from Bronte .

Product Details

Soft drinks, sweets and cheeses
Intestinal optimizer, purifying, with a very delicate flavor
Delicate sweet, odorless
Fine, creamy crystal

About Oro D'Etna

The company was founded on 01/08/1988, subsequently placed as the first and only professional activity in 1993. The company developed in a few years by increasing the breeding volume from 80 initial hives to 750 hives, after only 7 years, establishing itself as a company highest quality individual at the regional level. In 1999 the company created its own image ORO d 'Etna. In a few years the company increases the range of products, elevating it even more and making it more successful on a national level.

In 2001 the fruit honey creams were born, which combined with a high quality level bring the company to Europe (Germany, France and England). Today the company has about thirty products in at least 4 formats, but the flagship products remain the fabulous honey creams with various flavors of: pistachio, hazelnut, strawberry, melon, banana, berries, and there are currently in I study three other flavors to be discovered.

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