Honey and Jams

Miele di Sicilia e Confetture Sicilian Honey and Jams

Sicily is without doubt one of the most blessed areas of Italy, thanks to its climate and fertile lands that allows a huge variety of crops. An area where orchards seems to be boundless, and are able to bring to life flavorful fruit ready to be eaten or to prepare excellent jams. Suitable spaces for apiculture which produces the purest honey, made by free bees in a perfect habitat, without pollution and climate changes. A land where nature takes over the rest of the area without human interferences, that respect it and collaborate to obtain the best italian raw materials. 

Sicilian traditional honey, a natural goodness

We all know the Sicilian marked calling in growing citrus fruit, trees which come alive in specific seasons in wonderful colors and exciting fragrances. When bees take nectar from those flowers to transform it in honey, we will obtain orange tree and lemon honey with the best taste you will ever imagine. A special quality with his magic fragrance and an aftertaste that brings us to the genuin flavors of the past; because Sicily, thanks to his geographic and historical characteristics has a long honey production tradition. Nectar from heaven, as ancient people called it, full of vitamins for every ages, honey is the perfect substitute for sugar and an important source of benefical principles for our entire organism.

A study made by a team of italian researchers has shown that taking small quantities of honey is a "panacea" also for our brain. Thanks to his soothing proerties honey indeed can help us sleep and rest; for upset kids it can provide a sense of gratification that brings relax to their entire nervous system. A precious ally for our well-being, so much that it has been created a special industry called "Etna's Gold". A limited production which make only high quality honey in small sizes from classical tastes to unique ones. From traditional orange tree and lemon honey to honey cream with mixed berries or hazelnuts taste, for a shocking mix of tastes for the sweeth tooth.

We are talking about honey cream and other delicious flavours where the predominant flavour of Sicilian nectar is combined with delicious mixed berries or hazelnut cream. Propolis and royal jelly are also excellent, especially if you feel a little off. If you are a young student and you feel in a low spot or a child with low immune defenses, those two powerful sources of vitamins will give you a shock of real wellness. You can be amazed by the prosperity and generosity of nature mixed with human's skillfull hands, which respectfully exploit their land to guarantee the highest quality products with full respect of tradition.

From Siclian orchards all the taste of marmalade

In the entire Sicilian area there are plenty of farms supported by the love of their workers, a passion for this land, for its products and the richness that you can obtain from it. A fertile soil particularly good to cultivate different kinds of fruit, thanks to the sun which let fruit ripen slowly and the purest irrigation water you will ever see. Innovative production techniques that are both respectfull of european normatives and able to mantain the same quality standards of traditional boxes. Fruit quality is the heart of our production, in respect of its ripen and harvesting time, to obtain a 100% genuine and natural raw material.

This marmalade comes from fruit that ripens at the bottom of Etna with the warm breath of the sea. Products like oranges, figs, cherries, apricots and so much more are born from this land. That's why is possible to find all different kind of jams, usually combined with a honey percentage that makes the taste extremely good. Marmalades that you can eat from the early morning for an energy breakfast, or to garnish sweets and tarts, for a 100% natural snack. If you love the natural taste of fruit without artificial flavors, you can freely choose this marmalade to enjoy the true tastes of the past again.

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