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The brand Terra Duci originates from a branch of Terre Nere, with the intent to supply the consumer with the same quality at a lower price.

The choice falls on simpler couplings, particularly suited for breakfast, made only of fruit and orange blossom honey, produced in Zafferana Etnea.
All the raw materials are Sicilian, selected among the best varieties grown on the island and manufactured within twenty-four hours from the harvest to guarantee the best organoleptic quality.

As for Terre Nere, our policy is to employ only fresh fruit in the season. Even the lemon juice, used in our marmalades and jams, is squeezed only at time of preparation.
Selection and peeling are strictly manual, according to the handicraft spirit of our firm, to grant the most accurate selection and to preserve the fruit from the mechanical stress resulting from machine-made manufacture.

The cylindrical jar, with a silver twist off cap equipped with a safety flip panel, is dressed with a minimalist label which ratifies our will to let the content "speak" - our firm's real strong point - letting it show, for a sensorial experience which begins well before opening the packing.
The use of only natural ingredients and the high percentage of fruit, together with the low tenor of sugar, made possible by the sweetening power of honey, make Terra Duci marmalades and jams perfect for the whole family.

Safe and suitable even to the youngest, thanks to the total absence of colourings, preservatives and artificial aromas, they represent a return to tradition, for a nourishing and healthy breakfast or snack.
The lack of gluten, lastly, makes all Terra Duci products fit even for celiac consumers.

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