Miele di Castagno 250g

Chestnut Honey 250g


Chestnut honey has very particular characteristics: creamy and with a pleasant bitter aftertaste, it accompanies with character tasty dishes such as sheep ricotta, roast meat, bruschetta and aged cheeses.

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Chestnut Honey

Produced in Sicily, the Oro d'Etna honey goes well with the dishes of the Italian gastronomic tradition, enhancing the flavors without covering them, balancing the fats with its bitter note. Furthermore, it is used in numerous sweet preparations, including the chocolate cake, to which chestnut honey gives an unmistakable and precious aroma.

Chestnut honey, unlike other types, such as acacia honey, wildflower honey and lime honey, has a very dark color, and also differs from it for its flavor, pungent and bitter aftertaste, far from the fruity notes typical of honey considered traditional. And, for this very reason, it is so loved by connoisseurs, who appreciate its taste and creamy consistency, free of crystallizations, which helps to make this honey unique.

Chestnut honey has known beneficial properties on the body. In addition to being easy to digest, and therefore suitable for people of all ages, it contributes to the improvement of blood circulation and is a panacea for those suffering from asthenia, anemia or general weakness.

The product made by Oro Etna is 100% Made in Italy, and made with careful care of the bees, to the preservation of their environment and each production step, rigorously handcrafted and subjected to strict quality controls.
Oro d'Etna chestnut honey is available in airtight jars and can be kept for a long time, at an optimal temperature not exceeding 18/20 degrees.

Product Details

Roasts, bruschetta, seasoned and aromatic cheeses (fresh sheep's milk oricotta)
It stimulates blood circulation, indicated for fatigued anemics.
Pungent and bitter aftertaste
Almost absent or creamy

About Oro D'Etna

The company was founded on 01/08/1988, subsequently placed as the first and only professional activity in 1993. The company developed in a few years by increasing the breeding volume from 80 initial hives to 750 hives, after only 7 years, establishing itself as a company highest quality individual at the regional level. In 1999 the company created its own image ORO d 'Etna. In a few years the company increases the range of products, elevating it even more and making it more successful on a national level.

In 2001 the fruit honey creams were born, which combined with a high quality level bring the company to Europe (Germany, France and England). Today the company has about thirty products in at least 4 formats, but the flagship products remain the fabulous honey creams with various flavors of: pistachio, hazelnut, strawberry, melon, banana, berries, and there are currently in I study three other flavors to be discovered.

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