Totelia Made in Italy Online from an idea by Salvatore La Lumia and Giorgia Turco

What happens when an e-commerce of Made in Italy products does not stop only at the sale of Italian products abroad but decides to take the path of real export, even cultural, of what our beautiful country has to offer ? When two worlds, that of Salvatore La Lumia from Palermo, born in 1979 with a university education in the wine sector and a long collaboration with his father in the management of the Licata estate, as well as in the winemaking and bottling process of important Italian brands such as Nero d'Avola and various participations in fairs, events and manor stations both in Italy and abroad meets the world of Giorgia Turco, class of '84, with a university education in Modern Philology and a master's in Management of cultural heritage at the non-profit association Paazzo Spinelli of Florence?

When these two worlds meet, a system can only develop that does not aim to be just a sterile sale of typical Italian products, but a real showcase on those who produce all the splendor that our country has to offer, with an eye to about the passions of producers and their work, giving the possibility especially to small businesses to have a voice in the global market, without having to face impossible costs during the market crisis that is being faced.

Salvatore La Lumia and Giorgia Turco or: who are the masked superheroes of Made in Italy?

After university training in the wine sector, Salvatore La Lumia decides to start working with his father on the Licata estate, Tenuta La Lumia. From 2000 to 2006 he began his wine tourism adventure by starting the renovation works of the old farmhouse of the family estate, with the aim of developing the tourist aspect, both for groups and for individuals.

Confronting with the experience in the tourism sector push Salvatore to run as president of the Sicily wine tourism movement, with which he will obtain excellent results at the regional level by doubling the number of associates in just over a year which have therefore provided him with the necessary confidence to his "big step". In fact, it is Salvatore La Lumia who had the initial intuition of, namely that of developing an e-commerce system of typical Sicilian and non-Sicilian products, which could become a real network of Italian producers, not only as simple sellers. of products, but first of all as people, with their stories, characteristics and peculiarities, elements that never make any product so characteristic as in the small production of Made in Italy.

But it is in 2013 that Salvatore's paths intersect with those of Giorgia Turco, who, driven by the strong message of safeguarding the typical excellence of Made in Italy and thanks to a second level degree in Modern Philology achieved with 110 cum laude at the 'University of Catania, as well as a master in Management of cultural heritage at the non-profit association Palazzo Spinelli in Florence and its various events aimed at enhancing the citizen assets of its territory decides to embark on a real adventure with, following it first for two years and finally convincing itself in 2015 to fully join the project to support the territories and safeguard the food and wine excellences represented by the made in Italy Totelia e-commerce.

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Salvatore La LumiaAndGiorgia Turcoare also present onInstagramand Facebook with Totelia, as well as on the national territory and on its e-commerce, to continue giving voice to micro-enterprises and the magnificent production that is Made in Italy also on your social networks!

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