Sicilian pesto

Sicilian Pesto

Italy is the homeland of good food, every city or region has its own typical food specialities to absolutely taste when you go to these places. Not every country can claim such a thing. As well as every part of Italy, Sicily has a great culinary tradition. Pesto stands out among its products. They are made with the most disparate condiments and they are excellent for seasoning pasta and make great first courses. Until today if you thought that Genoese pesto with basil, pine nuts and garlic was the only one available, you are wrong. Sicily as well stands out in the preparation of those perfect sauces for every situation. Totelia is an online shop site where you will find a lot of Italian culinary specialities. Among those you will find a whole section just dedicated to Sicilian pesto, tastiness in a jar that will give you ideas to prepare recipes you've never tried before.

  • CERRY TOMATO, ZUCCHINI AND PISTACHIO PESTO: recalls traditional sicilian flavours, with fresh cherry tomatoes and pistachio, which gives it a sweet and aromatic note. This sauce is created with fresh products and ready to use. Perfect with every kind of pasta, penne, spaghetti or egg pasta, it can be used on toasted bread too as an appetizer for your guests. It's perfect for vegetarians and vegans, beacuse is meat free. It's produced by Casa Montalbano which is always looking for excellence using fresh products and following the Sicilian tradition during its preparation.
  • BRONTESE PESTO: born front Bronte's land, where the green gold is cultivated pistachio. The taste of selected products is intensified by extra virgin olive oil that comes from cold pressig in the best mills. Perfect for first courses, it also intensifies the taste of meat and fish.
  • LICATESE PESTO: typically Sicilian, with black olives, cherry tomatoes, chili pepper and garlic. Perfect with first courses, it taste good also on bruschetta and red meat.
  • FENNEL POLLEN PESTO: with delicate taste you'll only have to mix it with the pasta and you will have a 100% Sicilian dish. Besides pasta it tastes good also on fish like anchovy or swordfish.
  • ZUCCHINI, RAISIN AND PINE NUTS PESTO: zucchini give it a delicate flavour with a semi-dense texture, raisin and pine nuts contribute in giving it an inimitable smell and aroma.
  • SICILIAN PESTO: made with eggplants and tomatoes, enriched with extra virgin olive oil. It's one of the possible variation of the real almond Sicilian pesto.
  • EGGPLANT AND ALMOND PESTO: is one of the classic Sicilian preparations, which combines two excellences of this splendid region.
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