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Yarrow honey 500g


Yarrow honey is characterized by having a very dark color compared to other types of honey and has a sweet and aromatic taste. In other words, we can define this taste as rich and spicy.

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Yarrow honey

The yarrow is a genus of dicotyledonous plants of the Asteraceae family, which includes a great variety of wild flowers whose pollen is much appreciated by honey bees. This particular type of honey can be found throughout Italy, but especially in the southernmost region of our country: Sicily.
Yarrow honey is famous for being composed of elements such as: fructose and glucose, and for this reason it has excellent healing properties. Among the most important properties there is certainly the surprising efficiency against menstrual pain and the regularization of intestinal functions.
Yarrow honey can be paired with cheeses such as ricotta or other particular types of semi-soft paste.
For dinners with your friends do not forget to prepare the roast meat, this honey can make the evening even more tasty. Even grilled foods are recommended with this honey as it will give you a unique and inimitable flavor.
Even yarrow honey like any other type of this tasty food tends to crystallize through spontaneous and completely normal phenomena. In fact, there is no added sugar. It is a natural process and for this reason yarrow honey has this particular flavor.
In the kitchen it is possible to use this particular type of honey to accompany fruit or to give a more refined and elegant taste to your desserts.
Indulge yourself in creating yarrow honey desserts and ask your closest friends what they think of this new flavor.
As we know, Italian cuisine is inimitable and now, as ever, it turns towards the discovery of new tastes, for this reason we advise you to use natural products such as honey to give a chic touch to your dishes.

Product Details

Grilled meat, roasts, semi-soft aromatic cheeses
Expectorant, regulator of intestinal functions, and for menstrual problems *
Rich and spicy
Semi-large crystal

About Oro D'Etna

The company was founded on 01/08/1988, subsequently placed as the first and only professional activity in 1993. The company developed in a few years by increasing the breeding volume from 80 initial hives to 750 hives, after only 7 years, establishing itself as a company highest quality individual at the regional level. In 1999 the company created its own image ORO d 'Etna. In a few years the company increases the range of products, elevating it even more and making it more successful on a national level.

In 2001 the fruit honey creams were born, which combined with a high quality level bring the company to Europe (Germany, France and England). Today the company has about thirty products in at least 4 formats, but the flagship products remain the fabulous honey creams with various flavors of: pistachio, hazelnut, strawberry, melon, banana, berries, and there are currently in I study three other flavors to be discovered.

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