Olio extravergine d'oliva - Biancolilla 3LT

Extra virgin olive oil Biancolilla 3LT Medium fruity


Monocultivar extra virgin olive oil bag in box packaging. High quality product. Medium fruity, with hints of grass and bitter and spicy tomato contained and well balanced. This extra virgin olive oil is one of the most valid products for those who prefer delicately persistent tastes, without exceeding the intensity. It is ideal for emphasizing the nuances of flavor of the most delicate foods.

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Biancolilla extra virgin olive oil is a living product, excellent to be enjoyed shortly after bottling. Pleasant to see, with its delicate yet very clear green color, Biancolilla extra virgin olive oil can be considered an excellent example of fruitiness. The fresh sensations of the fruit are well harmonized with the vegetal scents. At the tasting level, the notes are really complex. You don't need to be overly expert to understand that on the palate this product can tell a multi-faceted story. Slightly spicy and bitter tastes stand out, but only in a very delicate way, pleasantly teasing the mouth. It is a condiment whose fragrance is such as to suggest a sensation of crunchiness on the palate.

How to best use it
A mono-varietal that expresses itself in a fine way, this extra virgin olive oil manages to perfectly describe its homeland, the province of Agrigento. At the same time, it manages to enhance preparations of the entire Italian gastronomic tradition.
To try out all the complexity of this oil in freshness, it is undoubtedly recommended to use the product raw. As a raw condiment it can enhance hot and cold dishes, but at the same time it can withstand high temperatures thanks to a high smoke point.

How to combine Biancolilla oil
As for the combinations, the versatility of this extra virgin olive oil can be really appreciated to the full, as it lends itself to accompanying and enhancing food. For example, this oil is the perfect complement to seafood dishes. In fact, fish is one of the most delicate foods and, as such, finding a flavor enhancer that fully enhances its characteristics without overpowering its flavor is not easy. If you consider that it is a very valuable food, it is even easier to understand why it is important to find the right extra virgin olive oil. On appetizers such as mixed fish carpaccio it performs very well, as well as in classic foil fish. At the same time it proves very valid when it comes time to flavor a plate of dairy products and fresh cheeses, especially soft ones. The consistency of these food specialties, combined with the fragrance of the oil, gives life to a pleasant combination in which the elements complement each other and result in a real pleasure for the palate.

Finally, applied as a central element in the preparation of leavened desserts, it is able to guarantee the correct intake of fats, without weighing down like lipids of animal origin. The delicate but fresh taste is perfect for flavoring simple pastry doughs, such as those with citrus or orange blossom essences, which blend well with the vegetable notes of the oil.

Product Details

100% Italian Oil - Extra virgin olive oil obtained from olives grown in Italy
Medium fruity, with hints of grass and bitter and spicy tomato contained and well dosed.
3 liter can
100 - 200 meters above sea level
By hand, and with mechanical facilitators, from 25 September.
Continuous two-phase cycle, in its own mill, immediately after harvesting. Conservation in stainless steel silos with nitrogen.
Pale Green
With own system
To be used raw on seafood appetizers, steamed shellfish, baked fish, fresh soft cheeses and leavened desserts.
Harvest year

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