All Sicilian black foam 275 ml

All Sicilian black foam 275 ml


The Sicilian Spuma Nera, based on Rhubarb infusion produced by SBEG Bona , an ancient recipe for the mother of the chinotto, ideal to drink in company and as a base for fabulous cocktails. To be stored in a cool, dry, clean and odor-free place, away from sunlight especially if direct and from heat sources.

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Characteristics of the Spuma Nera

When we talk about Spuma Nera we refer to much more than a simple chinotto: this drink is considered to all intents and purposes the original ancestor of the traditional chinotto. Keeping in mind, however, that between these two substances there are a number of differences to remember. In fact, the Spuma Nera was launched in 2010 by the Baladin company which aimed at it with a conscious decision of the important novelty of which it was. Not just a simple chinotto, since its characteristics are undoubtedly very interesting: free of dyes and any type of preservative.

On the national and world market, the success was immediately remarkable.
The primary characteristic of the Spuma Nera is to maintain its original composition. There have been no changes over time: its flavor is in fact typically citrusy and refers to chinotto. The rhubarb root, especially the pink fraction, in addition to the infusion based on orange peel and vanilla pods make this drink tasty.

The beverage market has seen great success over the years for the Spuma Nera drink. It is characterized by being not only very fresh, but also sparkling and with a typical vintage soul. Yes, because this has seen more and more sales of Spuma Nera over time. Suffice it to say that since the 1940s it was possible to enjoy this drink in every bar.
The crest of the wave was ridden in the 60s, however, becoming a niche given the release of another series of sparkling drinks. Obviously, those who love it and wish to savor its historical taste do not disdain a leap into nostalgia for the past. It can be said that the Spuma Nera has never completely faded away so it retains its retro flavor, the result of a recipe that has never been changed at any point.
Such a drink can be enjoyed in any season, also excellent in the most varied combinations: it can be drunk fresh against the summer heat or even combined with savory or sweet snacks with dark chocolate.

The preparation of the Spuma Nera is similar to that of the chinotto although it presents substantial differences. The key ingredients are different citrus fruits, rhubarb, vanilla and a number of spices useful for giving flavor. Unlike other drinks, there is no trace of cream of tartar, much less other ingredients. The result obtained is particularly intense and very aromatic: the bitter notes of the Spuma Nera go very well with the other sweeter ones.
The tradition has been carried on with a great deal of commitment and the family dedication of a company that has decided to focus on a product that has never faded. A winning philosophy that has contributed to the enormous success of this delicious drink and which does not have a particular harmful caloric intake. A formulation designed precisely to guarantee the possibility of savoring a unique drink.

Product Details

acqua, zucchero,anidride carbonica,colorante: E150d,aromi naturali,acidificante:acido citrico; conservanti: potassio sorbato,sodio benzoato,; antiossidante: acido L-ascorbico.
Average Nutritional Values
for 100g
Energy KJ / kcal
Carbohydrates g
of which sugars g

About Bona

The first Gassosa Bona was born in Sicily in the early 40s by Vincenzo Bona , a dynamic enterprising man and always ready to bet on new entrepreneurial activities. "Bevi Bene, Bevi Bona " has been spreading the culture of taste for over 70 years, always capturing the essence of pleasure and healthy living,
through the search for the natural in each of its drinks.

Consolidated the market year after year, in 1947, SBEG Bona - Sicilian Bevande Gassate was born - a company that quickly established itself as a leading company on the Sicilian market including islands, in the production of Soft Drinks. Its professionalism guaranteed by a highly technological production has allowed it to offer over time, in addition to a wide range of beverages, also a third party bottling service for some well-known national brands.

After a period of careful market analysis, characterized by a more sectorial and localized distribution but always attentive to evolutions and new trends, in 2009 the company aims at a diversification of the product by entering the sector of craft beers, giving life to a new brand that will take the name of " Birra Artigianale Bona ®", a product that immediately distinguished itself as excellence on the craft beer market in the Ho.Re.Ca. segment.

Today SBEG Bona , a Sicilian company in the carbonated beverage production sector, re-enters the Soft Drink market by increasing the offer of its references with the same determination, quality, and unmistakable taste that has always distinguished its drinks derived from recipes. jealously guarded over time and handed down for three generations.

The Augusta-based company, thanks to the know-how acquired in over 70 years of activity, operates with a high quality standard, monitoring all the procurement phases of raw materials and production processes thus guaranteeing absolute quality and wholesomeness of its drinks over time.

The flexible structure allows the SBEG Bona company to perform well with the market, moving in line with the demands dictated by the various formats currently on the market as well as offering a private label service and punctual and fast transport logistics.

The production range is now extended to multiple types of drinks: Aranciata, Chinotto, Gassosa, Spuma, Sanguinella, Tonica, Cola, Limonata, Pink grapefruit, Cedrata, Sambuca, Bitter, Cocktail and many other drinks that characterize the Soft Drink market. in the GDO and Ho.Re.Ca.

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