When we talk about Evo oil, we talk more and more about everything that concerns the concepts of light, medium and intense fruity. However, not many people know what it is, nor why they are very important concepts when you are choosing an oil. Considering all this, let’s try to grasp some clarity toghether.

Fruity Oil: What is it?

First of all, to know what a light fruity oil is, we have to explain the definition of fruity oil as well. The latter is directly linked to the concept of extra virgin olive oil, one of the most used currently in Italy. In fact, it is an oil that was obtained from a very first pressing of the various olives using predefined mechanical (and non-chemical) processes. The whole operation is carried out only in such a way that no damage can be caused to the oil. However, the acidity factor of the oil is free, but bust not be grater than 0.8% of the total. An extra virgin olive oil acidity is linked to the concentration of oleic acid. Therefore, when we talk about everything related to extra virgin olive oil, we are talking about an extremely high quality product. This, however is simply a generic concept that has nothing to do with everything that concern the concept of fruity. The latter, in fact, indicates the presence of a fresh fragrance picked on a particular degree of ripeness inside the oil. The presence of a substance of this ind makes the oil in question a fruity type. It is also a valid concept for all Evo oils and it defines products of extremely high quality in all cases. And if so far it is easy to understand, the reality is that this concept is enriched further with other terms of comparison: light, medium and intense. This is the degree of concentration of the fragrance, which in turn depends on a wide range of extremely different factors. It ranges from the harvest period, passing through the processing methods, up to the olive trees cultivation. All those elements are able to influence the concentration of the fresh olive fragrance in a considerable way. Obviously, the stronger the fragrance, the more intense the oil in question will be.

Light Fruity Oil: What is it?

Light fruity is the most delicate of the 3 types. Light fruity oil is still of very high quality. Tasting it you can perceive only distant references to a taste that represents a perfect union of spicy and bitter. Light fruity Evo oil is suitable for all simple dishes and the taste is not too accentuated. In fact, this kind of oil can perfectly be combined with all dishes with a particularly delicate flavor. Well suited for fish or cheese dishes. The delicate hints of spiciness and bitterness typical of this oil are able to give all foods an exclusive and unique taste. This is why this oil is often considered as the universal oil, well suited for a wide variety of foods. However, Italian and European gourmets know that it is not necessary to combine a light fruity oil with dishes with strong flavor, as there is a risk of creating an overly accentuated contrast.

Medium Fruity Oil: What is it?

Medium fruity oil represents a substance with an excellent balance between a spicy and bitter taste. It is, in fact, an excellent accompanying oil for a wide variety of meals as it helps to create a particularly characteristic flavor with a strong personality. This makes it one of those products that are really used in Italy, because they match well with many different foods, as long as they have a balanced flavor. The concentration of the olive fragrance in this oil remains at an average level and that is the greatest peculiarity of a medium fruity olive oil: excellent on not too tasty foods.

Intense Fruity Oil: What is it?

Lastly, you can’t forget intense fruity oil. In this case the aromas are extremely pronounced; its notes are very strong and divided between spicy and bitter. It is the oil that manages to provide a strong personality event to dishes with very accentuated tastes an it is no coincidence that is suitable just for foods with an intense flavor. Usually we do not use this intense fruity oil to dress dishes with a delicate flavor. Like all other oils, this is also made paying the utmost attention to its quality. We obtain then a very strong and tasty oil, ready to be used with dishes and specialties with concentrated flavor.

Which is the best fruity oil?

As you can well understand there is no better fruity oil than the others: they all are well suited for the particular needs of the customer. Therefore, everyone has to choose the fruity oil according to its taste. Obviously, the choice must be made in relation to the brand of the oil, because it is undeniable that some products are certainly better than others. As if all this was not enough, the oil must be chosen also in relation to its territory. It is also worth remembering that choosing a good oil is by no means as simple as it might seem at first glance. In fact, it requires a deep knowledge of the meals, the territory and the oil itself. The choice of a a good fruity Evo oil is therefore entrusted only to those who can be considered real masters on the field. A good fruity oil could be chosen without problems also in relation to its nutritional values. If you really do not know what type of fruity extra virgin olive oil to choose, you should buy small quantities to be able to try them all, even of a single brand as the Mandranova oil, recommended by Giorgia Turco, with its types of extra virgin olive oil. In this way you will not miss the combination and you will be able to provide a really delicious flavor to every dish! Understanding the differences between light, medium and intense fruity oil is not all as difficult as it might seem at first glance. We hope that this little tutorial on the various differences between the different types of fruity oil has been useful to guide your choices on a product that is one of our best Italian products.

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