Pistachio Cream

Pistachio cream is a delicious and tasty spreadable cream with a more delicate flavor than that of its “cousin” hazelnut cream, but just as irresistible. Once you have tried it, you’ll think of nothing else! Its refined flavor lends itself perfectly to a thousand different uses: it can be the main ingredient of a delicious cheesecake or the filling of cakes and biscuits, but it also is delicious spread on a simple freshly toasted bread, still warm… and, why not, you can enjoy it even in spoonfuls.
Making pistachio cream at home is very simple and will allow you to save much compared to the price of packaged version of the supermarket. The choice of raw materials is important; the pistachio par excellence is that of Bronte, directly from Sicily.
After shelling 100g of pistachios, which must be strictly not salted nor toasted, you have to finely chop them with a mixer until you get a creamy paste. For a smoother result and a bright green color, the ideal is to remove the peel of the pistachios before chopping them: just boil them in water for about ten minutes to make the peels slip away by themselves.
At this point you might even think of eating them directly like this and you wouldn’t be wrong, but for a more delicious cream you will need some extra ingredients. Add sugar in the same amount of pistachios and continue to chop, helping the mixer with the addition of 50ml of milk. Meanwhile, melt over low heat in a small pot 50gr of butter 100gr of white chocolate and another 50ml of milk. Pour the pistachio cream into the saucepan and stir carefully to amalgamate everything. And here your pistachio cream is ready: try it as a filling for donuts, or to prepare a very elegant variant of tiramisu. Or you can even serve and enjoy it immediately with a spoon, if you have the patience to let it cool!

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