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Vallolmo pasta was born in an ancient pasta factory located in Valledolmo, a small village of Madonie, really famous for its production of durum wheat characterized by a vastness of organoleptic properties. This pasta factory is considered an innovative company especially for its way of working durum wheat semolina, in a very slow way and with the right temperatures, leaving unchanged all the properties and taste of this raw material. Pastificio Vallolmo boasts a row of durum wheat at zero kilometers and thanks to this guarantees an absolutely natural pasta with a taste ripened by the Sicilian sun.

What are the Cultivation Technique for Vallolmo Pasta?

As already mentioned in the introduction, Vallolmo pasta comes from a pasta factory located at the foot of Madonie and is very famous for the nutritional properties given to durum wheat. For the production of Vallolmo Pasta are exploited some special soil techniques, such as the sowing that is carried out only after the start of the rain season. The soil is prepared when you want to grow a product that has special nutritional properties such as the right protein and gluten content, around 12%. When the soil has been prepared, the second phase is carried out, which is the semolina that is prepared only at certain temperatures in order to leave unchanged all its organoleptic properties. Finally, we proceed with the last phase that concerns the making of pasta and that happens precisely with the addition of water from the source of the Madonie Natual Par, far from all sources of pollution. Once the dough is obtained, it is worked in specific bronze dies and then is dried in the sun. Moreover, thanks to the bronze drawing process, the dough has a rough consistency and a very clear color, peculiarities that refer to the type of pasta that was produced many years ago; while as for the drying process, it takes place in a very slow way to preserve all the nutritional properties and in order to give the pasta a strong, delicate and tasty flavor.

Vallolmo la pasta siciliana al 100%

What are the flours used for the production of Vallolmo pasta?

First of all, we must emphasize that this type of pasta s produced with various types of flour, from the classic to the most refined or organic, just to give it a 100% natural flavor. Among these flours there is also the possibility to choose the most alternative ones like the Timilia. Timilia is a type of durum wheat produced in the ancient areas of Sicily, whose fundamental characteristics are the presence of very little water and great digestibility, which allows to have much more consistency when it’s cooked. Another type of flour is Khorosan, that was used in ancient times and is very rich in nutrients and has a high antioxidant power. In addition, this flour is ideal especially for those suffering from various food intolerance, but also for those people who want to eat in a varied way. Both Khorosan and Timilia flour contain vitamin E, essential amino acids, about 40% more protein unlike the classic flours and both types are produced in the natural environment of Sicily.

What are the formats?

Pastificio Vallolmo offers a wide variety of pasta shapes. Let’s discover them together.

•    Conventional Pasta Line: behind this line of conventional pasta there is a process that is characterized by a typical artisan dough, where the right production times are respected, but, above all, the drying is carried out in a very slow way to allow an excellent consistency and quality;
•    Organic and Integral Pasta Line: this line of organic pasta is definitely suitable for all those people attentive to their needs, but especially for those people who are always looking for natural products and quality. Thanks to its special making, drawn and dried in the right way, it allows you to rediscover the real old tastes.
•    Old Wheat Pasta Line: as previously mentioned, Pasta Vallolmo is made with various types of flour such as Timilia and Khorasan wheat. The production of pasta with Timilia wheat is carried out thanks to the use of stone millstones. According to tradition, wheat is processed with a few turns that do not heat the product and do not change the nutritional properties. The flour obtained from this type of procedure is soft and rich in natural elements. While Khorasan wheat is obtained from a type of Etruscan wheat. Being a type of pasta with a high level of digestibility and being extremely light, it has managed to attract the palate of many connoisseurs of classic Italian cuisine, thanks to the tasty flavor of cereal. In fact, in recent years, more and more restaurants have chosen these particular flours in order to create light but tasty recipes at the same time.
In conclusion, it is important to underline the reason for choosing Pasta Vallolmo:
•    It is a type of 100% Sicilian pasta;
•    It offers a guarantee to all those people who want to taste Sicilian products;
•    It is suitable for those who have different types of intolerance;
•    It is produced according to the traditional production stages and organic culture;
•    It is produced using water from Mandonie National Park, which is far frome any source of pollution.
•    It is produced in Sicily, a place characterized by various natural production processes and which complies with European standards.

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