PanBacco, Panettone with Bronte Pistachio

PanBacco, Panettone with Bronte Pistachio

With the approaching holidays we always fall into the dilemma of desserts here in Italy. Pandoro or Panettone? Stuffed with chocolate, cream or hazelnut? Too bad that then we always make the same mistakes buying commercial or low quality Panettone, of which we do not even remember the taste. An increasingly popular Panettone, which is inexorably distinguished among the crowd, is PanBacco, a precious Pistachio of Bronte Panettone. If you love this type of cake you will not hesitate a moment to consider it a real treat. The Bronte Pistachio PanBacco is able to combine the best Sicilian products with the culinary traditions of Christmas. Let’s see how.

Between Tradition and Quality

To understand how Panettone PanBacco is created we have to take a trip to Sicily, in the little town of Bronte, famous all over the world for its delicious pistachios. It s in this place that the company Bacco carries on its business. Thanks to the very good raw material of this area, it develops this Panettone that stands out for its flavors and its fragrance.
The Bronte pistachio PanBacco is in fact made with 56 hours of craftsmanship and combines only the best ingredients carefully selected. The 20 hours of leavening make it soft and fragrant. The pistachio cream is the queen for this cake, composing as much as 30% of the Panettone. Everything is completed with white Colombian chocolate flavored with pistachio and, inevitably of course, a very good pistachio grain at the end to decorate this delicious Panettone. Even the dough ingredients do not sin of little quality. The butter used for PanBacco is always fresh and the eggs are those of the chicken raised on the ground. The company Bacco in fact does not use eggs of caged hens for ethical reasons. Bacco in facts adopt a rich program of Corporate Social Responsibility practices. Needless to say, this makes their Panettone not only better but also much more ethical than those we can find in supermarkets.

What makes this Panettone so special?

In addition to the quality of the ingredients it is good to focus on the undisputed protagonist, the pistachio. Bronte obtained the Protected Designation of Origin in 2009. It is here, at the foot of Mount Etna, that more than 3000 hectares are dedicated to the specialized cultivation of pistachios. With the same length of grains, green and sweet, these pistachios are an all-Italian excellence. Its precious aroma has now made it the protagonist of sweets, pestos and creams. Obviously it couldn’t be missing as a fillng for PanBacco Panettone.

PanBacco il panettone al Pistacchio di Bronte

Tasting the PanBacco

Let’s start from ts appearance. Giving a pistachio PanBacco could be an original and really appreciated idea. The PanBacco company offers different types of packaging, that will leave the lucky person who will receive this cake speechless. You can in fact by a retro version where the PanBacco is wrapped with a green satin paper and completed with a satin bow. Or you can buy it in the elite version where you will find the Panettone kept insiede a beautiful box wrapped in a green and brow cross band. Even the eye wants its part and the packaging for this Panettone certainly does not lack charm. To the taste the Bronte pistachio PanBacco could very well remind a homemade Panettone, in fact no hydrogenated fat and no preservative is added. With your first bite of this wonderful cake, you will feel all its softness and you will see how the 20 hours of leavening have filled it with lightness and fragrance. The pistachio cream will take you into a dimension of unequal flavors. You are in fact tasting a cream made with the famous pistachio of Bronte DPO, which has now earned the name of “green gold”.

What to Match it With?

After a lavish meal there is nothing better than a soft slice of Panettone to end it. The aroma of pistachio released by this cake can be accompanied by a classic sparkling wine, but also a good rosolio liqueur. But there’s more. Panettone PanBacco can also be paired with a good Italian whine and, why not, served with one of the delicious Sicilian IGP wines! For the more greedy ones Panettone PanBacco can also be eaten with a good coffee. As you can see the options to enjoy this fantastic cake are absolutely not lacking. Once you have opened the Panettone it is recommended to keep it in a coll and dry space. If you want it to keep its fragrance it’s best to consume it within a week.

The Value of Bacco Company

This Panettone is produced by the artisan company Bacco, an expert in the making of pistachios. Founded in 2006, this company has established a production model that is based on the control of the entire supply chain. From harvesting to storage, the Bacco team combines the exceptional raw material of its territory with the most modern production techniques. Of course without forgetting the values of local traditions. The Bacco company is specialized in the use of the best quality pistachios and is authorized to include in their labels the words “Green Pistachio Bronte DPO”. With traditional preparation the pistachio transforms into delicious creams, pesto and a superlative Panettone. Thanks to pistachio and its high quality products it has become famous and has been able to bring the “Made in Sicily” to new countries and new costumers. It is thanks to companies like this that our Sicily is so loved all over the world.

Let’s Celebrate with PanBacco Panettone

If you want to impress your guests this Christmas there is nothing better than betting everything on pistachio Panettone. The Bronte pistachio, the quality ingredients and the experience of Bacco company will make the PanBacco Panettone the real protagonist at your table. Choose only the best raw materials and the best traditions and get caught up in the flavors of Bronte pistachio PanBacco Panettone.

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