Cooking with Honey

Honey Recipes

A real super food, source of energy and nourishment, honey has a thousand properties that makes it a real protagonist in the kitchen. We all know the most common uses; used as a sweetener in our herbal teas and drinks, it is always present in our homes. Athletes particularly appreciate its energizing properties, while every mother knows perfectly well its anti-inflammatory and mucolytic effects. Boasting over 300 different varieties, this ingredient, however, can have many other uses touch that will amaze you. So let’s see some honey-based recipes.

Croutons with Olives and Honey

A good meal starts with a good appetizer. This version of croutons with olives will be an excellent way to get started on the right foot. Prepared with a few simple ingredients, this crouton will surely be appreciated by young and old. The necessary ingredients are: black olives, honey, extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice.
The procedure is really simple: once the olives have been roughly cut, just combine all the ingredients in a bowl and mix them carefully. The ideal honey for this preparation is that of acacia or, alternatively, that of sunflower. Once the ingredients have been mixed you can spread the sauce obtained on toasted bread croutons.

Walnuts and honey spaghetti

A very simple dish, ready in a few minutes and ideal for summer meals. To make this sauce, excellent to combine with spaghetti, just a few ingredients are enough. The first a little mil and mix everything to obtain a homogeneous cream.
Once the spaghetti is cooked, toss the pasta and cream together adding a few walnuts and grated orange zest. Carefully mix the pasta with the sauce, season it with salt and pepper and enjoy an excellent dish.

Spicy King Prawns with Honey

With a decidedly oriental flavor, this dish is truly a delicacy that will appeal to everyone. The preparation of this dish requires time. The prawns tails, in fact, need to be left to rest for a few hours.
First of all, prepare the sauce with honey, soy sauce, garlic and chili pepper, mix it carefully and dip the prawn tails into the mixture. Cover and leave them to season for at least 6 hours. After that, pour all the mixture into a pan and cook the prawn tails until the soy sauce is completely absorbed and the game is made.
Cuttlefish with honey and watermelon
it is a summer and particular recipe that perfectly marries the freshness of watermelon with fish, also giving a truly surprising chromatic effect.
First, you need to steam the cuttlefish and leave them to season in a mixture consisting of: chestnut honey, oil, cumin and fennel seeds for an hour at least. Once the cuttlefish has been flavored, prepare a watermelon tartare, cutting it into cubes and placing it on the bottom of a serving dish. At this point, just place the cuttlefish on top and season everything with a squeeze of lemon. That will give the right acid note to your dish.

Seared Pineapple or Watermelon with Honey

When it comes to honey-based recipes, sweets are inevitable. This dessert in particular with its tropical flavor will be very popular with your diners.
To make this dish it’ll be necessary to cook the pineapple slices, already peeled, on a grill for a couple of minutes. Once the pineapple is seared just sprinkle it with honey and add a light cinnamon coating. A dessert really tasty and easy to prepare.

Advice on using honey in cooking

As we have seen, honey can be an extremely versatile ingredient, which can be used on any course. Highly appreciated combined with cheese, this ingredient can be used, for example, as a condiment for summer salads to give you sweetness and energy on hot summer days. Combined with bitter vegetables, such as radicchio, it’s able to balance perfectly all the flavors of your dish.
Another perfect combination with honey is that with grilled meat. Summer is the season of grilling par excellence, to give tour meat a decidedly delicious and different flavor than usual. Just sprinkle it at the end of the cooking with a thin layer of quality honey. This simple trick will give your meat the sweet American barbecue flavor that everyone loves. Alternatively, you can prepare a honey-based marinade in advance, in wish you’ll dip the meat before cooking it.

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