Zibibbo grape, also called Moscato di Alessandria, s a type of grape that has easily adapted to the temperature of the beautiful Sicilian island. Its introduction in Sicily seems to date back to the Phoenican era, from which the name also derives: “Zabebe” in fact indicates the technique with which the grapes are dried. Its characteristics are not present n other types of white grapes and that makes Zibibbo grapes particularly interesting in winegrowers eyes. The classic shape of the grape is round and its pulp s extremely juicy, so much that the wine produced from these grapes is unmistakable, thanks to its delicate fruity taste that distinguishes it. The bunches of Zibibbo grape weigh a maximum of half a kilo and reach their maximum ripeness in September, a period in which the sweet taste of the grape particularly attracts bees. A peculiarity of these grapes is that they are extremely resistant to parasites attacks and, moreover, are also suitable for immediate consumption at your table due to their characteristic sugary taste.
With Zibibbo grapes it is created a wine of a straw yellow color, tending to amber after the drying process. Its taste expresses freshness and sweetness that gives the wine an excellent balance, extremely pleasing from a gustatory and olfactory point of view: wine made with these grapes has a very intense fruity smell, tending to aromatic. The queen in the making of Zibibbo grapes is Pantelleria; UNESCO has even declared the method of cultivation used in this strip of Sicilian land, that of sampling vine, a World Heritage Site. The main wines obtained from the making of these grapes are:
Moscato di Pantelleria, made from fresh grapes with an aromatic and particularly sweet taste;
Passito di Pantelleria, made from grapes subjected to the process of drying that gives this wine a sweet flavor, perfect to accompany desserts.
Among the wines produced with Zibibbo grape, some belong to the DOC and DOCG categories:
•    Erice Moscato: a wine with a good persistence and a dry and aromatic taste;
•    Erice Passito: a wine with a sweeter and more harmonious taste;
•    Erice Spumante: a wine characterized by a fine foam, sweet and persistent taste;
•    Erice late harvest Zibibbo: very sweet taste and aromatic fragrance;
•    Moscato di Pantelleria: with a fragrant aroma and a sweet taste, whose coloration tends to amber;
•    Pantelleria Bianco: a wine with a dry and at the same time harmonious taste;
•    Pantelleria Moscato Dorato: with a warm, intense and sweet taste;
•    Pantelleria Moscato Liquoroso: a wine with the characteristic aroma of Moscato with a sweet taste;
•    Pantelleria Moscato Spumante: a sweet and fragrant wine;
•    Pantelleria Passito Liquoroso: a wine with a sweet and velvety taste;
•    Pantelleria Zibibbo Sweet: with evanescent foam and characteristic flavor;
•    Passito di Pantelleria: fragrant and sweet and aromatic.
The wines made with these grapes are among the most appreciated thanks to the sweet and aromatic flavor given to them by Zibibbo grapes. Zibibbo has a high gradation and an immediately recognizable fragrance. A unique white wine, perfect if tasted with desserts, especially those typical of Sicilian tradition.
With these grapes, however, other food products are made, that are really tasty thanks to the natural sweetness given by these grapes:
•    Apricot jam with orange blossom honey and Zibibbo: a jam enriched by the intense aroma of Zibibbo, ideal for filling cakes, especially if it is a Sacher cake, but also an excellent filling for tarts. With this jam you can make the perfect combination with cheeses with herbs, goat cheese and quite mature cheeses. The ingredient used to make this jam are naturally apricot, sugar, Zibibbo liqueur wine of Sicilian origin, orange blossom honey and lemon juice, which give this jam an unforgettable flavor. The company that produces this jam contains within the jar the thousand of colors and flavors of Sicily.
•    Zibibbo IGP Sicilia: this wine is perfect to accompany semifreddi, pastries, but also ice cream. It should be served around 12° temperature. In particular this wine is a liqueur with a golden color and a sweet and aromatic flavor obtained from the grapes of selected vines. This wine has also received numerous awards, including awards from Gambero Rosso, Vinitaly and DiWineTaste.
•    Zibibbo wine gelée with orange blossom honey: a sweet and aromatic jelly, perfect if accompanied by fresh sheep ricotta cheese, but that goes very well with other cheeses, in particular herbal cheeses. This jelly is perfect to garnish desserts but also to give an extra touch to fruit salads. It is produced with Zibibbo IGT Sicilia liqueur wine, orange blossom honey, lemon juice and sugar. It is a triumph of typical Sicilian flavors.
Also this time Sicily does not deny itself and it is confirmed as one of the regions that gives our table high quality products, envied by the world. Zibibbo grapes in particular are very appreciated and requested on the global wine market.

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