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Il Modicano is synonymous with organic chocolate, and attention to environmental and health issues. Il Modicano was born with the intention of offering something innovative in the world of chocolate, through the use of organic ingredients to guarantee intense flavors. All the products of " Il Modicano " are Vegan: therefore they do not contain ingredients of animal origin, such as milk, butter, eggs or gelatine. Il Modicano is Vegan chocolate, packaged with attention to the environment using Shiro Echo paper, 100% recycled with green energy.

Why organic Modica chocolate?

Today more attention is paid to the origin of the food and how the ingredients were grown, environmental issues have become important, consequently Il Modicano has decided to produce its products based on Modica chocolate , focusing on 100% organic and non-organic products. GMOs. In the production Il Modicano uses only raw cane sugar, that is, not refined with chemical processes.

Why Vegan Chocolate?

Products of animal origin have a negative impact on the environment and are less sustainable than products of plant origin, Il Modicano cares about the environment consequently in addition to the use of organic products and not deriving from intensive agriculture, has decided to produce its chocolate-based products using only products of plant origin. Thus embracing the vegan philosophy and producing Vegan chocolate.

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