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NEPITELLA It is the main ingredient of our Amaro, the first herbaceous note that is felt on the palate during the first sip and that brings to mind all the wild flavor of the Sicilian countryside.
LEMON DI SIRACUSA PGI At the bottom of the palate, after the first sip, there is a slight bitter hint given by the infusion of the zest of our Lemon of Syracuse PGI, our second ingredient.
SICILIAN BITTER HERBS Artemisia, Citrus aurantium amara, Gentiana are just some of the Sicilian bitter herbs we use, many of which arise spontaneously throughout the Hyblaean territory, at the edge of a dry stone wall, on white and limestone rocks, inside a "trazzera" , on the sides of a stream; they are the final touch of our recipe, which help to create the perfect balance of our Amaro Nepèta .

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