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Babà Napoletani is a confectionery company from Vico Equense (NA) in the Sorrento peninsula, whose birth dates back to 1978.

From the beginning Babà Napoletani had only one philosophy: to produce in an artisanal way and according to the ancient and best recipes of the Neapolitan tradition, pastry specialties for all tastes. Now, after over 30 years of activity and experience, Babà Napoletani continues its production without ever losing sight of the main objective, to make known and taste the products of the Sorrento peninsula and the inimitable Neapolitan pastry, with the passion and craftsmanship of all time. . This is why Babà Napoletani ® products stand out among others: it is not only thanks to genuine and wisely chosen ingredients, but also to love for tradition and respect for ancient and best recipes, passion for work and willingness to intrigue and tantalize the most demanding palates.

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