Amaro Monte Polizo 0.70 lt
Amaro Monte Polizo 0.70 lt
Amaro Monte Polizo
Amaro Monte Polizo 0.70 lt
Amaro Monte Polizo 0.70 lt
Amaro Monte Polizo

Amaro Monte Polizo 0.70 lt


Amaro Monte Polizo is a digestive liqueur much loved in Italy and in the rest of the world. The product contains particular bitter essences, which make the product very unique and special on the market. The article is loved by its consumers for its flavor, made thanks to an ancient recipe handed down from generation to generation.

Format 0.70 lt

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Amaro Siciliano Monte Polizo 0.70 It is produced in the province of Trapani, more precisely in Salemi. The herbal product is appreciated by all those who love to taste this type of liqueur, which turns out to be delicious as regards its flavor.


The ingredients that are used to make Amaro Monte Polizo 0.70 are mainly:

  • Natural flavors
  • Alcohol
  • The caramel
  • Sugar

The product must be kept in cool places (with ice) or at room temperature, this also applies when it is to be served at the table. The traditional style liqueur will give you the opportunity to taste one of the most delicious bitters in Italy, moreover the alcohol content is equal to 30%. Sicily is a region full of surprises, as it offers a series of quality items including this liqueur.


The manufacturing company deals with the creation of the Amaro Monte Polizo 0.70 It, which represents the main pivot of the company itself. The liqueur takes its name from the hills on the promontory, as precious substances are born in this area. The latter benefit from optimal climatic conditions.

These climatic conditions tend to develop the best healthy virtues and aromas present in the harvested plants, these are elements that the company will subsequently transform into real ingredients. The secret of the quality of the product is therefore given by the cultivation and processing of the plants. The amaro is a huge success thanks to their presence inside the liqueur. Initially the product was consumed only by families, but today the entire market can take advantage of its production.

Tips for an excellent tasting of Monte Polizo Amaro Siciliano

Amaro Siciliano Monte Polizo 0.7 It can be tasted in various ways, you have the possibility to consume it through the creation of cocktails, ice creams or to flavor coffee.

Product Details

Alcool, zucchero, aromi naturali, caramello
Vino liquoroso
Service temperature:
Si consiglia di servire fresco, a temperatura ambiente o con ghiaccio
Alcoholic Degree:
30% vol

About Alicia Liquori

Born as a passion, under the creative and proactive drive of lovers of taste, the young company therefore immediately proposed itself as capable of producing only good artisan liqueurs, with an authentic, now rare, guiding philosophy: that of limiting the production of every single product, for the exclusive benefit of excellence and high quality, as well as ensuring the consumer absolute control of the production chain, from the origin of raw materials, to production, up to distribution.

The company's products are all created following ancient recipes and using a mature knowledge of the herbs and aromas of our land.

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