Calamarata Liscia confezione 500g
Calamarata Liscia confezione 500g
Calamarata Liscia confezione 500g
Calamarata Liscia confezione 500g
Calamarata Liscia confezione 500g
Calamarata Liscia confezione 500g

Smooth Calamarata 500g pack


The smooth Calamarata di Gragnano is a type of pasta with Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) that is produced with semolina of the durum wheat variant together with water from the springs of the Lattari Mountains, in a 500-gram package. The pasta of the Calamarata di Gragnano format has a rough appearance, which allows the sauce to stick in an optimal way.

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Origins of the Calamarata

In Campania, Calamarata is often prepared with datterini tomato sauce or even with piennolo tomato sauce. Very often fish nuggets or shellfish chunks are also added to the sauce.

The different recipes with which to prepare the Calamarata

Like any type of recipe, there can be a multiplicity of versions: from the white one, which closely resembles the so-called Squid Calamarata, to the one with tomato sauce. But many prepare Calamarata with vegetables accompanied by seafood: the most common is certainly the recipe with broccoli and shrimp, but also the one with zucchini and crabmeat is widely used.

What is the best recipe for Calamarata?

The most common recipe is the very simple one but with a really tasty result. Both the ingredients and the steps to prepare it are few. The pasta used must be of quality, for this reason it is advisable to use Calamarata di Gragnano IGP, which does not overcook; then you must finish cooking with the fish sauce, which makes everything creamy. Pasta is very often preferred al dente, and from this basic preparation you can add all the variations of the recipes listed above.

Calamarata is a dish suitable for all seasons and for all holidays or special occasions: in summer the Neapolitans eat it with the family, on Sunday lunches, but also Christmas is the right occasion to taste a splendid dish of Calamarata, perhaps accompanied by vegetables and fish.
There are many variations, but what matters is the quality pasta. Beware of imitations, Calamarata is PGI and the quality one is geographically identified in the Gragnano and Neapolitan areas, an important detail if you want to get a really good result.

Product Details

Semola di grano duro e acqua delle sorgenti dei Monti Lattari
Sughi di pesce o molluschi
confezione da 500g
Pasta format
Corta Liscia

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