Tagliatelle confezione 500g
Tagliatelle confezione 500g
Tagliatelle confezione 500g
Tagliatelle confezione 500g
Tagliatelle confezione 500g
Tagliatelle confezione 500g

Noodles 500g pack


In the tagliatelle di Gragnano IGP prepared according to the Campania recipe, only two ingredients make up the dough: durum wheat semolina, and water from local springs. The springs are those of the Lattari Mountains, an anti-Apennine chain of the Sorrento peninsula, whose waters have the right mineral content to obtain the doughs that make Gragnano pasta famous.

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In addition to the ingredients that make up the pasta, the bronze drawing completes the process, which gives the pasta its characteristic rough and porous surface. The dies are the tools that are used to cut the pasta into various shapes, and it is thanks to the bronze drawing that the Gragnano tagliatelle go perfectly with any sauce. The small superficial pores hold the sauce, even the most full-bodied, making each dish a pleasure for the palate of guests and the family.

For a bronze drawing it is essential that even the initial dough is composed of first choice ingredients, for this reason the Gragnano tagliatelle are prepared with a few carefully chosen ingredients.
Equally important is the drying phase of the pasta. To obtain a quality product, the pasta is dried slowly. The secret lies in the low temperatures, which on the one hand make processing longer, on the other hand they allow the properties and flavor of durum wheat to be kept unaltered. Bronze drawing and slow drying at low temperatures result in a top quality pasta, which in 2013 earned the IGP mark.

Tagliatelle di Gragnano PGI lend themselves to many recipes, from the more classic ones, inherited from the regional tradition, to other more whimsical ones. The roughness of the pasta goes very well with full-bodied sauces, with strong flavors: the perfect match is with sausage sauce, roast sauces, ragù and red meat dressings in general. Those who prefer lighter dishes can use them with a simple cherry tomato sauce, which will be ideal for enhancing the taste and texture of Gragnano tagliatelle.

Product Details

Durum wheat semolina and water from the springs of the Lattari Mountains
sauces with meat sauce, gravy with sausage
500g pack
Pasta format

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