Scialatielli confezione 500g
Scialatielli confezione 500g
Scialatielli confezione 500g
Scialatielli confezione 500g
Scialatielli confezione 500g
Scialatielli confezione 500g

Scialatielli 500g pack


To enjoy a good plate of pasta, the main ingredient to be able to choose carefully is pasta. The Scialatielli di Gragnano IGP, sold in a pack of 500 grams, are made following all the dictates of tradition. The aim is to guarantee a perfect cooking that knows how to enhance the accompanying sauces and that it does not get lost even once the pasta is served.

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Scialatielli, the Gragnano PGI pasta

The scialatiello is a type of pasta born from the inventiveness of Campania, which is so called by derivation from a dialectal term that is sciglià. This verb means to mess, and in fact the scialatielli, after being drained, have a festive messy and decidedly appetizing appearance. Their shape serves to retain the sauce as well as possible. They are similar to spaghetti, but have a rectangular section. The scialatielli are shorter and wider than spaghetti, and are mainly accompanied by seafood. They are therefore especially suitable for the preparation of fish first courses, but their format is also suitable for other preparations.

Pasta di Gragnano Protected Geographical Indication

Another very important aspect, the s cialatielli di Gragnano are an IGP product , an acronym that stands for Protected Geographical Indication. This means that the European Union has recognized a production specification for this peculiar pasta shape, linking it to its territory of origin. If you want to taste a real scialatiello, it is good to make sure that it has this recognition mark that testifies how its realization took place in strict compliance with this specification. A dish of Gragnano scialatielli is much more than a plate of pasta, but it is also a dish rich in history and folklore.
Above all, it guarantees a taste that is capable of satisfying even the most demanding and refined palates, but which particularly satisfies those who are looking for the decisive and concrete flavors of the past on the table. Slow drying, carried out at a low temperature, is what gives the scialatielli of the Duchy of Amalfi their rough texture. This consistency allows the marriage of flavors that occurs between pasta and sauce, transforming a first course into a unique sensory experience.

Product Details

Fish sauces, seafood, sauces with porcini mushrooms, sea and mountains
500g pack
Pasta format

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