Spaghetti alla chitarra confezione 500g
Spaghetti alla chitarra confezione 500g
Spaghetti alla chitarra confezione 500g
Spaghetti alla chitarra confezione 500g
Spaghetti alla chitarra confezione 500g
Spaghetti alla chitarra confezione 500g

Spaghetti alla chitarra 500g pack


Spaghetti alla chitarra can be defined as a particular type of long pasta whose production takes place in Gragnano, a small town gently nestled at the foot of the Lattari Mountains. According to what is the denomination of which they are characterized, it becomes easy to trace them back to a tool thanks to which they were prepared in the past: the guitar

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Why are they called "alla Chitarra"?

Although the reference to the famous instrument may become automatic, the music has nothing to do with it. Composed of a set of steel wires positioned between them at a very close distance, each sheet was lightly pressed against its surface, giving life to spaghetti which, in addition to the square shape, are still characterized by a uniform length. Following a careful selection of the ingredients, the pasta maker sifts the durum wheat semolina, thus ensuring the fineness of the raw material.

Drying procedure

The drying procedure of the spaghetti alla chitarra of Gragnano Ducato d'Amalfi, one of the most important and delicate steps of the whole manufacturing process, takes place using relatively low temperatures, between 40 and 80 degrees. The time frame usually takes is from 6 to 60 hours. In the vicinity of each ventilation cycle, the development of a kind of peel occurs in correspondence with the spaghetti wall. If it is true that its formation concerns only the superficial fraction of the pasta, it is equally true that the humidity contained in the core tends to expand externally. The following ventilations will eliminate the residual water. Consistency and roughness of Gragnano Pasta The chromaticity of Gragnano Ducato D'Amalfi spaghetti alla chitarra, available in the 500g format, takes on a straw yellow color. To the touch, their texture appears wrinkled and devoid of any cuts. Keeping it cooked will allow you to obtain a paste that is not sticky at all, the scent of which will recall that of the ripe wheat. Despite their specificity, these are perfectly suited to first courses of any kind.

Ideal toppings for spaghetti alla chitarra

They can in fact become the basis of a classic tomato sauce. For the most demanding palates, Gragnano's spaghetti alla chitarra are also able to blend with meat, fish or vegetable based sauces.

Product Details

Sugo con carne, Sugo con pesce
confezione da 500g
Pasta format

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