Bucatini confezione 500g
Bucatini confezione 500g
Bucatini confezione 500g
Bucatini confezione 500g

Bucatini 500g pack


The distinctive feature of the pasta factory of Gragnano bucatini is the water used to mix the durum wheat semolina, coming from the springs of the Lattari Mountains, in the middle of the Sorrento peninsula. Bronze drawing completes the production process.

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Bucatini Pasta from Gragnano

Bucatini are one of the most popular long pasta shapes in Italy, so much so that they are the ingredient of the symbolic dish of Lazio: bucatini all'amatriciana. For this reason, in the common imagination, bucatino is typical of central Italy, even if in reality this type of pasta was born in Naples. The origins of bucatino are lost over the centuries, in fact it seems that already towards the end of the Middle Ages the pasta makers of the kingdom of Naples produced particular spaghetti with a hole in the center.

How did the bucatini originate?

The reason was of a practical nature: at the time the drying methods were not very efficient, and the cooking of pasta was very long. We do not know the name of the master pasta maker who had the brilliant idea of making an underwire to "pierce" thick spaghetti, and thus cook them in less time. Certainly, whoever it was, did not imagine having invented a pasta shape that would have withstood the centuries and fashions. Bucatini are considered a sort of middle ground between long and short pasta. In fact, with other long pasta shapes they share the size, while with short pasta they have the central hole in common.

How are bucatini flavored?

Bucatino is a pasta that goes well with substantial sauces. The porosity of the outside and the central hole are ideal for holding the seasoning. Not surprisingly, the typical sauce to season a plate of bucatini is amatriciana, there is no question about this. However, nothing prevents you from experimenting with some variations on the theme, always taking into account the peculiarities of this pasta. So why not bring to the table bucatini with four cheeses, carbonara, or with an excellent rocket pesto? Bucatino is a very versatile type of pasta, suitable for enhancing even the simplest of tomato sauces.

Product Details

Durum wheat semolina and water from the springs of the Lattari Mountains
Sauce with fresh tomato, pesto with vegetables, cheese sauce, amatriciana, carbonara
500g pack
Pasta format

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