Spaghettoni confezione 500g
Spaghettoni confezione 500g
Spaghettoni confezione 500g
Spaghettoni confezione 500g
Spaghettoni confezione 500g
Spaghettoni confezione 500g

Spaghettoni 500g pack


Spaghettoni, a more full-bodied variant than the more well-known spaghetti, are the perfect choice for recipes with a strong flavor. And if the procedure requires that the long pasta is sautéed in a pan, success (and success) are guaranteed with this long pasta.

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Spaghettoni, Gragnano Pasta

Their origins are probably Neapolitan. In fact, the first hints of this long and thick pasta shape can already be found in the Neapolitan recipe books of the 1400s. Their thick surface makes them one of the most suitable long pasta shapes for sauces of all kinds. Wrinkled to the right point, they hold the seasoning well, and even when cooked they have an excellent yield. Precisely for this characteristic, spaghetti is a type of pasta that does not know seasonality. It can be combined with the most diverse condiments, and the result will always be excellent. From the classic fresh tomato sauce, to vegetable pesto, to a simple sautéed with oil, garlic and some anchovies, the possibilities are endless.

Characteristics of Spaghettoni di Gragnano

The roughness of the surface enhances each dish to the maximum, while the consistency of the pasta keeps cooking perfectly. Spaghettoni, thanks to their consistency, is an extremely versatile type of pasta. The Pastificio Ducato d'Amalfi that produces Pasta di Gragnano IGP creates spaghetti using high quality raw materials. The only ingredient is durum wheat semolina, which is mixed with local water, for a 100% Campania product. The kneading takes place in fact with water coming from the springs of the Lattari Mountains, a chain located in the middle of the Sorrento peninsula. At the end of the processing, the characteristic bronze drawing takes place.

What do I cook Spaghettoni with?

Although it is a pasta shape suitable for any sauce, the combination with a walnut sauce is the top, if you are in the winter period. In the summer they will give their best with fish sauces: then green light for seafood sauces, preferably ross. The most elaborate condiments are also excellent, such as a timeless classic such as swordfish and aubergine sauce.

Product Details

Semola di grano duro e acqua delle sorgenti dei Monti Lattari
Salse alle noci, pesti con verdure, sughi con frutti di mare
confezione da 500g
Pasta format

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