List of products by brand Agrirape

Located in the Leonforte area, the company is dedicated to the safeguarding and cultivation of specific varieties of the island. The progenitor, Angelo Manna, bought the current company in 1965 which later passed to Giuseppe Manna, now supported by his son.

Giuseppe Manna was one of the pioneers of Leonfortese fish farming: he was a founding member of the "Biofrutta" cooperative. In 1978 Giuseppe Manna was awarded a recognition by SIAPA for his loyalty to the cause of the development of agriculture in the Ennese area.

As far as the cultivation of broad bean is concerned, the company has always kept unchanged the tradition that saw this legume at the center of the agrarian rotation.

Therefore its cultivation also found purely agronomic reasons, as well as having a very important role in human nutrition and livestock. Its production underwent a notable decline starting from the 1980s, until it almost disappeared. The company also temporarily stopped producing this legume.

In 1994 the company resumed the cultivation of broad bean with new impetus, which has now almost disappeared.

In 1998 the company had its first "television experience" within the program "One morning".

From that moment it was a succession of appointments, thanks above all to the work of the great “television gourmet” Beppe Bigazzi. In fact, since then every year the company presents the broad bean (in May) and the Leonforte peach (in September) during the program “La prova del cuoco”. In 2005 the first appointment with the famous “Taste” column of Tg5 also arrived, followed by many other occasions in which the company presented its products.

In 2002 the rediscovery of the black lentil also began, a particular lentil cultivar, typical of the territory of Enna, which by now was in danger of disappearing definitively.

Since 2001 Giuseppe Manna has been supported by his son Angelo, who today is the owner of the company and who has firmly taken over the reins of the company. Agrirape has continued in its work of rediscovery and promotion of the most typical products full of history of this land.

In 2002 the production of jams began: the first was that of yellow peaches, which was followed by white peaches and later apricots. In the following year the production of syrups began: peach and apricot. For several years these were the only potted products made by the company until the end of 2011, when the production of some new products began: prickly pear jam, blood orange, mandarin and lemon jam.

Meanwhile, in 2010 the company began the battle for the rediscovery of Sicilian rice, which has not been grown in Sicily for more than a century. The bet was won when, in 2011, the first Sicilian rice was harvested and marketed after about 100 years. Today the rice adventure has now become one of the main objectives.

In the same year the company also expanded the variety of legumes cultivated, in fact alongside the traditional broad bean and black lentil, the Villalba lentils, the Enna cicerchia and some varieties of chickpeas were grown.

The action has always been driven by an immense passion for Sicily and the territory, a great passion for agriculture, biodiversity and quality. Up to now the company has achieved goals of great excellence and quality for the enhancement of what have been defined as "jewels of the Enna hills" as well as of Italian agriculture.

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