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Alicia Liquori, an artisanal company for the production and bottling of liqueurs, still young but born from the passion for ancient traditions, was founded in November 2003 and is the result of decades of consolidated research and experience in the distillates sector. It is located in Salemi in the center of Sicily from which it opens up to a hilly and soft landscape. The site is mentioned for these landscape features in numerous historical sources, remembered among other things for its fertility.

Born as a passion, under the creative and proactive drive of lovers of taste, the young company therefore immediately proposed itself as capable of producing only good artisan liqueurs, with an authentic, now rare, guiding philosophy: that of limiting the production of every single product, for the exclusive benefit of excellence and high quality, as well as ensuring the consumer absolute control of the production chain, from the origin of raw materials, to production, up to distribution.

The company's products are all created following ancient recipes and using a mature knowledge of the herbs and aromas of our land.

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