List of products by brand Olio di Fousseni

The company, born in Licata in 2014, is the result of an entrepreneurial project of a group of Sicilian professionals who aim to disseminate Sicilian culinary traditions. The passion for the territory has prompted the idea of a disclosure of the Sicily brand in the form of food.

Among the founding members of the young company, a master of canning art with great experience on the traditions of the Sicilian canning world.

The company was born not only to offer its customers high quality products, but above all, to bring the territory in which it operates to the table, thanks to the use of native raw materials and wild herbs.
Our productions preserve the scents, colors, traditions of the Mediterranean, Sicily and its influences, thanks to the constant presence of spices, natural aromas, officinal herbs that enhance the tastes of individual plant products.

The real innovation, therefore, concerns the return to the past, the preservation of the product in its natural beauty and its authentic flavors, able to delight and satisfy the most demanding palates.

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