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With this new brand, born directly from Sicily, land of culture and traditions, a whole range of ecological products is proposed to the public that not only aim at the healthier use of soaps, cosmetics and detergents, with materials procured at zero kilometer, directly from the island of Etna, but also to the transmission of what is a long tradition linked to the production of the products themselves, which are processed in a completely artisanal way. Through scents and colors, "Sa di Sapone" aims to strengthen the client's bond with nature, recalling typical Sicilian flowers and plants to his memory.
With antioxidant and soothing actions, the products currently available are of high quality, with attention paid to the small details, and linked to a family tradition that goes back in time.
In fact, in small villages it is an ancient tradition to pass on the secret of soap production from mother to daughter, explaining the various steps necessary to create oils, flours, pastes and essences that are unique in their kind.
In order to better understand the origins of these products, therefore, it is necessary to recall the image that one has of craftsmanship. In fact, we are talking about handmade products, not industrially in bulk, where various chemical products of different quality are mixed together.
Here we are dealing with soaps, detergents, shampoos and shower soaps that are individually revised, and only after passing the quality control can they be found on the market.
What makes "Sa di Sapone" products so unique is therefore the feeling behind the production of every single product, where there are centuries of traditions and secrets handed down familiarly.
The customer goes to buy soaps that are of very high quality and that are able to act by carrying out a photoprotective and non-abrasive action under the sun's rays, with soothing and emollient actions.
Furthermore, it is possible for the customer to buy not only soaps, detergents and various cosmetics, but also accessories that allow them to exploit these products to the fullest, such as real pumice stones whose use is to smooth the skin, eliminating the layer. dermal of dead skin, bringing to light a fresh and soft skin.
"Sa di Sapone" therefore not only aims to produce quality products, but has created an idea, a tradition, a secret that also becomes the customer's. It produces emotions, feelings and a real part of Sicily becomes part of what is the shopping experience by the person interested in the ecological products of this new brand.

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