Olio extravergine d'oliva - Giarraffa 3LT

Extra virgin olive oil Giarraffa 5LT Lightly fruity


The Sicilian extra virgin olive oil Giarraffa is obtained from very particular olives, crunchy and rich in pulp, suitable for table consumption and for the production of oil. Monocultivar extra virgin olive oil. High quality product. Lightly fruity, with hints of fruit, basil and lettuce. mainly sweet, with a slight spicy note at the end. EVO oil in practical bag in box packaging.

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Sicilian extra virgin olive oil Giarraffa

The Giarraffa olive variety is one of the best known and is thought to have very ancient origins. It is widespread in the central-western area of Sicily, especially in the Giuliana area, where there are trees characterized by many stems and a very developed crown; this is probably linked to the Saracens' habit of tying together various plants to create sturdy trees. With the veraison process, the drupes take on a color that can vary from brown to burgundy to intense black, their shape is elliptical, with a round apex. These fruits ripen early and are grown since the end of August and the beginning of September.

Characteristics of Giarraffa extra virgin olive oil

The Giarraffa extra virgin olive oil was obtained thanks to the Di Vincenzo family in the mill of Mandranova , south of the province of Agrigento.
It appears pale green and is characterized by the flavors of artichoke, lettuce and basil. It produces a light fruitiness, it is sweet with a spicy aftertaste. It is therefore interesting to use it to flavor fish-based dishes, white meats, salads, fresh goat cheeses and desserts.

This oil is especially suitable for those who love delicate and refined tastes and for those who prefer not too strong flavors. It is recommended to taste it raw and certainly good connoisseurs will appreciate the properties of the Sicilian land and will not hesitate to buy it. It is part of the organic regime but the family has preferred not to certify it yet. Only fresh, top quality olives are pressed, just harvested, which have not undergone treatments with the use of chemical substances. You just have to trust the Sicilian tradition and let yourself go to the intense flavor of Giarraffa, perhaps accompanying it with a delicious focaccia. What's better?

Product Details

100% Italian Oil - Extra virgin olive oil obtained from olives grown in Italy
Lightly fruity, with hints of fruit, basil and lettuce. mainly sweet, with a slight spicy note at the end
5 liter can
100 - 200 meters above sea level
By hand, from 20 September
Continuous two-phase cycle, in its own mill, immediately after harvesting. Conservation in stainless steel silos with nitrogen.
Light Green
With own system
To be used raw on fish-based dishes, carpaccio, herb salads, white meats, fresh goat cheeses and desserts
Harvest year
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